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How does acupuncture work in promoting weight loss? (Part 2 in a Series from The Acupuncture Wellness Center in Los Angeles)

How does acupuncture work in promoting weight loss? In Part 1 of this series I mentioned that the most frequently asked question at The Acupuncture Wellness Center is  how does acupuncture work?  I further mentioned that the answer depends on what you are treating and that acupuncture needles do one of the following: 1.  Acupuncture needles affect…


Why Is Weight Loss Easy With Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, By Dr. John Barrett

Why Is Weight Loss Easy, Acupuncture Los Angeles. By Dr. John Barrett Losing weight can be easy. If done correctly, weight will come off gradually with just a few mindful adjustments to eating patterns. Easy weight loss means keeping your metabolism at optimal performance. Stress slows down metabolism. Abnormal eating patterns cause stress. Many people…