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19 Years Experience
Proud Member of Staff Cedars-Sinai
Studied in<br> United States and China
Insurance Accepted FREE Parking Available
19 Years Experience
Proud Member of Staff Cedars-Sinai
Studied in<br> United States and China
Insurance Accepted FREE Parking Available


Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ophthalmology & Eye Disorders

Why is it epidemic that a majority of the people in the developed world will end up losing their vision to one extent or another and eventually wear glasses, contact lenses, or have corrective surgery due to an eye disorder? Why do so many older people have cataracts, macular degeneration and other eyes disorders? What did people do to correct ophthalmologic issues before corrective lenses and eye surgery were possible? Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine have many natural solutions to ophthalmologic issues that are still in practice today. Keep your eyes open as the news spreads how this ancient condition can treat modern conditions.

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Eye Disorders Naturally

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medical Treatments for eye disorders are natural. Like other diseases most ophthalmologic issues are related to some form of stress and poor circulation. Stress eventually weakens the central nervous system’s ability to maintain a balanced body and health. With poor maintenance function of the CNS, some aspect of health is bound to break down eventually. For some people this can lead to poor digestion, migraines, allergies, and fatigue. However for many this can lead to ophthalmologic problems or visual disorders.

The Most Common Visual Disorders in the United States are Characterized as Refractive Errors.

The most common visual disorders in the United States are characterized as refractive errors. Included amongst refractive errors are near-sightedness known as myopia, far-sightedness which is termed hyperopia, poor vision at all distances known as astigmatism, difficulty reading up close know as presbyopia. Although, most of these conditions can be corrected with glasses, contacts or surgery, these modalities and procedure do nothing to correct the underlying issues causing the problem. Therefore like many other such treatments, when one ignores the underlying problem, one is inviting other disorders to appear later in life. It should be noted that refractive disorders are very treatable with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine. In doing so, the underlying issues are corrected and one’s overall health and longevity is maintained and preserved. These natural treatments may not be as quick as lenses or surgery, but they are a safe, effective and lasting means of improving your vision.

Age Related Macular Degeneration Affects Vision of 33% of Those Between Age 75 and 85

Age related macular degeneration is another eye disorder that seriously affects the vision of 33% of all people between the age of 75 and 85. Although age related macular degeneration rarely causes total blindness it can prevent people from reading, driving and recognizing faces. Currently there is no FDA approved treatment that will restore lost vision due to macular degeneration, however there are medications that may slow down its progression. Moreover, it should be noted that natural treatments with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine can restore lasting visual acuity for macular degeneration. Again, natural treatments are not covered by the FDA therefore, they are overlooked for approval.

Cataracts are the Leading Cause of Blindness Worldwide.

Cataracts which cause clouding of the lens of the eye are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. In the US approximately 20.5 million people of age 40 and over have some form of cataracts. This number is expected to increase to 30 million by 2020. Although surgery is very successful in treating cataracts, many people cannot afford it as insurance may not cover the procedure. However, usually surgery for cataracts is not urgent. This gives those who cannot afford it and those who may wish to avoid surgery at any cost to try the natural, healing treatments of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating and preventing cataracts.

Glaucoma Damages Optic Nerves

Glaucoma is another common eye disorder caused by damage to the optic nerves. Although it is usually associated with a change in fluid pressure inside the eye, it can occur with normal pressure as well. Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops, medications and surgery. However, early detection is important as any loss of vision from glaucoma is irreversible. It is during the early stages where perhaps your ophthalmologist may want to monitor your situation or even before as a preventative measure that Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments can play a key role in stopping any progression of glaucoma.

Other Eye Disorders

There are many other visual disorders such as eyelid disorders, conjunctival diseases, dry eyes, scleritis, keratitis, uveitis, fundus ocular diseases and more where treatments with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine can make excellent choices for alternative treatments either for prevention, alone or as an adjunct to other treatments.

Your Treatment for Eye Disorders with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine will Begin with a Comprehensive Consultation

Your treatment with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine will start with a comprehensive consultation that will review your entire medical history and whatever ophthalmologic reports you have regarding your condition. You will be given some basic eye exams and more prescribed if necessary to benchmark where your vision is at currently. Your treatment may include all or some of the following: acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, essential oils, eye exercises, diet and nutrition advice, and stress management techniques. Usually initial treatments last a few weeks and then improvements are measured. After that you will be given a self-care regimen to follow with regular follow up treatments a few times a year to measure and monitor progress. As with all treatments with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine they are holistic in nature and improve overall health and well being in addition to addressing the focal point of treatments. Therefore treatments with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine are is a win:win all around.

For your convenience we are proud to present Treating Eye Disorders and Ophthamology with Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Being trained in both Eastern & Western Medicine, Dr. Barrett is on staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and has a private practice at the Century City Medical Plaza in Los Angeles CA.

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